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Philosophy at Chelsea Fine Arts

A chance to be creative in an inspiring workplace… We believe that any person can learn the skills of drawing and painting. Whether you have talent or not, can only be discovered and developed once you have learned the basics. Without these, your art and your ability to create will always be limited and not in your control. At Chelsea Fine Arts, our mission is to teach young people how to paint and draw by focusing on showing them how to observe and analyse what they see. Once they have learned to critically analyse what they see, we will work on giving them the skills to translate their observations into works of art. The results are exciting. Our experience shows that from simple building blocks and practice, students uncover a wealth of creativity in themselves. When that happens their artistic talent can develop.

Why is art important? Art teaches us about ourselves and what we value. Artistic expression has tracked the history of humans through the ages. Art is an interpretation of beauty and human’s representation of ideals. Art develops our self-confidence. It fosters expression and creativity and taps into our individual and unique perceptions. Artists translate what they observe and what they feel into an original work of art. Learning to draw improves focus and concentration. It de-emphasizes today’s material pull and our dependence on electronic entertainment. Young people who have learned to draw and paint have learned to express themselves creatively and to produce rather than consume which is a motivating and fulfilling experience particularly in today’s world.
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